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June 5, 2013
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MM: JunYue by Lijon MM: JunYue by Lijon

F U L L N A M E : Jun Yue
A G E : 18
Y E A R : 3
G E N D E R : Male
H E I G H T : 5'8"
W E I G H T : 142 lbs

W E A P O N : Switchblade.

P E R S O N A : Amphia
A R C A N A : X Fortune
R A N K : 5
S U I T : Pentacles
S K I L L S :

:bulletred:Eerie Sound: 25% chance of inflicting the Distress ailment to all enemies.
:bulletred:Mind Slice: Inflicts a moderate amount of Physical damage with a 25 chance of Confusion on all enemies.
:bulletred:Heat Riser: Increases an ally's Attack and Defense by 0.5 and Dodge Range by 5 for 3 turns.
:bulletred:Full Analysis: Reveal one enemy's HP, SP, Rank, Passive Skills, Strengths, and Weaknesses all in one use.
:bulletwhite:Invigorate 2: Recovers 1.5 SP at the start of your turn. Does not happen on extra turns, counter attacks, or when receiving damage.
:bulletwhite:Chained Fate: Passives and buffs become shared between Yue and Jie when they're both on the battlefield. Protect range for each other is increased to twice their current rank range.
:bulletwhite:Null Darkness: Becomes immune to Dark attacks. Takes precedence over Resist Dark.
:bulletwhite:Insta-heal: Recover from all status ailments after 1 turn.

N A T I O N A L I T Y : Chinese

L I K E S :
◊ His twin, JunJie
◊ Angry birds
◊ Computers
◊ Studying
◊ Alcohol
◊ The feeling of putting your life on the line

D I S L I K E S :
◊ His father
◊ Gaudy women
◊ Sweet things
◊ Not knowing where his brother is

P E R S O N A L I T Y :
There are basically 2 sides to him which aren't exactly separate: One which he uses at school and one out of school. Before discovering the world of persona and shadows, he had been the studious type, taking everything seriously and giving a 110% in everything he did. He always seemed to know what people wanted to hear, what they needed to hear and said exactly those things while keeping his more honest thoughts to himself. Needless to say, he had no trouble socializing. Deep down, though, he was discontent but didn't know what he lacked. It was only after discovering the existence of shadows that he found another side to himself. One that led him to love the more dangerous sides to life and made him seem to taunt death at every turn.

Yue is the type that rarely gets depressed due to his mentality and confidence that everything would work out. Instead it's more common to see him frustrated or angry over something. Showing his true personality, he is very honest to himself but still rarely straight-forward. He prefers to play games and keep people guessing, amusing himself as he pushes people into showing the spectrum of their emotions. As a person who considers himself efficient with his time, he often gets impatient when people drive in circles and don't get to the point in which case he would interject and start moving things to his own pace... or he could always just ignore them.

S t r e n g t h s :
◊ Math. He could calculate everything he's ever learnt in his head as if he were some human scientific calculator.
◊ Swimming
◊ Programming
◊ The disappearing act aka ninja'ing off
◊ Calm and level-headed most of the time

W e a k n e s s e s :
◊ His twin.
◊ Likes to joke around
◊ Love for danger
◊ Inflexible with his time once he set his own schedule

H I S T O R Y :
Yue's father is a well-known criminal lawyer in Tokyo. If one could be considered successful for rendering criminals innocent, helping them evade the law no matter how atrocious their actions, then he was very successful. It goes without saying that he was rich and only getting richer. Many would assume that his conscience was long dead, blinded by riches and earthly pleasures. Another fault to add to all that, or simply a gift of good looks gone wry: he was a major womanizer. His first wife was a naive woman: good-natured and pure to a fault. She had foolishly fallen in love only to realize 2 years after the twins' birth that the man had mistresses elsewhere. She endured with that knowledge for her children, but it soon became apparent to even the servants that her once bright self was fading. In truth she had foolishly remained in love with the man. She suffered through dinners, events and outtings where her husband's mistresses would be introduced as business associates, pretending that nothing was wrong for her children. To Yue's great misfortune, he had been sharp enough to catch on and become suspicious. It wasn't until his mother's suicide that his suspicions were confirmed. The twins were 13 at the time. Much of his mother's actions became clear at the revelation. He was saddened by her stroke of weakness and pitied her, but more so he admired and respected her courage to have brought them up despite her own struggles. Even though he never confronted his father, hatred took root, only easing a little from the thought of how much his mother loved the man. He was willing to forgive his father if only a little for his mother. Much was understood but never voiced, including how his twin brother took these events.

2 years later, the twins had just somewhat calmed down when their father introduced one of his mistresses who would become their stepmother. After that came frequent divorces and marriages. It was as if their father was taking marriage vows for a joke. Disgusted by their father's actions but unable to do anything they remained in their father's house. The place become more alien every time a new "stepmother" decided to move in until there was nothing to remind them of their own mother. Yue treated them with disciplined respect, knowing it was what his mother would've wanted. The twins spent increasing amounts of time away from home, wandering the streets after school, sleeping in the library or over at, Alessia, their childhood friend's place. Finally when Alessia moved to Kirimori City, they were old enough to leave home and followed her there. Having always had good grades, they got into Higashimori High without much problems... and so they started their new lives as transfer students, at a new school...

T R I V I A S :
◊He has doctor-style loopy handwriting (aka barely legible).
◊He uses like... 928347598 pins to fix his hair
◊Has a red tattoo the surrounds his right thigh. Did it as consolation for one of Jie's nightly misadventures.
◊Both brothers disliked spending time at home back in Tokyo... while Jie was out partying with friends, he hung out with a somewhat rougher crowd. Though he was, strictly speaking, the "tech department" he avoided most of the violence.
◊His chosen computer operating system is Linux.

R E F E R E N C E S :

B A T T L E S T A T S :
:iconjunyueplz: Yue: [Rank 5 l HP:16/16 SP:12/12 l Invig 2 l Null Dark l Insta-heal l Chained Fate]
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