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MM: Hinato Fukuhara by Lijon MM: Hinato Fukuhara by Lijon
F U L L N A M E : Hinato Fukuhara
A G E : 18
Y E A R : 3
G E N D E R : Male
H E I G H T : 5'7"
W E I G H T : 135 lbs

W E A P O N : Naginata.

P E R S O N A : Erin
A R C A N A : XVIII Moon
R A N K : 5
S U I T : Wands
S K I L L S :

:bulletgreen:Megidola: Inflicts a large amount of Almighty damage on one target as well as draining 1 HP back to the user.

:bulletgreen:Hamaon: 50% chance of instant death from the power of Light on one enemy.
:bulletgreen:Nightwalker: Enables Erin to inflict 1.5x Almighty damage on all targets for 3 rounds, but disables any other action during the 3 rounds. (Rank 5)
:bulletgreen:Mind Charge: The next Fire, Ice, Electrical, Wind, or Almighty magic attack will be 2 times greater in power. Can only be used on self. Support actions can still be taken while charged without wasting the power boost.
:bulletwhite:Null Fire: Becomes immune to Fire attacks. Takes precedence over Resist Fire.
:bulletwhite:Hustle: Increases dodge range by 10.
:bulletwhite:Invigorate 2: Recovers 1.5 SP at the start of your turn. Does not happen on extra turns, counter attacks, or when receiving damage.
:bulletwhite:High Counter: 30% chance of repelling Physical attacks when not knocked Down.

N A T I O N A L I T Y : Japanese

L I K E S :
◊Working for the family store
◊Watching people
◊Pop music
◊Rowdy crowds
◊Cute things perhaps...? This part remains unclear.

D I S L I K E S :
◊Being scolded
◊Uptight parents
◊Getting lost in conversations
◊Being doubted

P E R S O N A L I T Y :
Generally quite a cheerful person. He finds a humor in a lot of strange things whether it's simply silly, immature, naive or "adorable" as he would put it. Due to his work in a bar his family owns, he is great at putting on a constant smile. He would smile whether he liked someone or not. So much that it would be hard to tell which was the case since he rarely expresses annoyance. He also doesn't take things seriously most of the time, even though the situation might be considered dire by most people. Shadows? "Ahahaha-!! that guy looks like he has a funky mustache, I'd like to see him in person." Goes to show that he might be more concerned with appearances and reputations than what's actually important in the situation. Anger or concern towards him might as well be wasted effort when he plays them all off as jokes.

S t r e n g t h s :
◊Has extremely good hearing. He able to pick up multiple conversations that take place simultaneously and conversations over loud noises (e.g. drunkard singing lmfao)
◊Patience. Developed through taking care of drunk customers no doubt...
◊Good listener. Even though he doesn't talk a lot about himself, he's really good at hearing people out.
◊Capable of maintaining his smile in many situations... so much that it might just start to seem unnatural
◊Fashion sense... definitely influenced by his sister

W e a k n e s s e s :
◊ Takes too many things as jokes that he's not sensitive enough to realize when to be serious at times.
◊ Average with sports, grades, looks, family income... would probably not be very competitive in the real world.
◊ Not very ambitious
◊ Insects... absolutely hates insects- cause they scare the living hell out of him... it might be a phobia

H I S T O R Y :
He is the elder brother of Alicia. Having grown up with her, they share a lot of personality traits, habits and world views. Their likes and dislikes, though, were dramatically different even though it might not seem that way at first. He was born in a moderately well-off family which owns a night bar in Nishimori. In contrast with his sister, their parents insisted that he learned to take over the family business instead of finding and pursuing his own hobbies. He had little complaint about that since he soon discovered he had skills that made him well suited for the job while his sister would be completely hopeless if she were to take on his role. Knowing her sister's insecurities, he had continued to spoil her to the point that he would do almost anything for her if he deemed her incapable. In return, he had gained his sister's confidence... but recently he had realized the setbacks his protection had caused her and is determined to slowly let her become more independent-

Like Alicia, he was accepted into Higashimori High due to his excellence in academics. Sports on the other hand... was simply not his forte so he spent very little time exploring that.

T R I V I A :

R E F E R E N C E S :

B A T T L E S T A T S :
:iconmmhinatoplz: Hinato: [HP:11/11 SP:19/19 l Hustle l Invig 2 l Null Fire l H.Counter]
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LOLOLOL amg-- he has a squirrel twin sis :icongtthplz:
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