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May 21, 2012
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MM: Guilford Rubenheim by Lijon MM: Guilford Rubenheim by Lijon
N A M E:
Guilford Rubenheim

A G E:

G E N D E R:

N A T I O N A L I T Y:

O C C U P A T I O N:
PE Teacher

H E I G H T:
5’8” (173 cm)

W E I G H T:

L I K E S:
◊ Maple syrup
◊ Silver
◊ Sports in general, but especially track
◊ Motorcycles

D I S L I K E S:
◊ Vermin
◊ Formal attire
◊ Vegetables
◊ A flat tire (both… the actual flat tire and a bad date)
◊ Students who skip class

A R C A N A:

P E R S O N A:

Gloria: - Stat Bonus – Increases damage dealt by all nearby allies by 50% for 2 turns.
Angel Slayer: - Dark - Inflicts a large amount of Dark damage on one enemy.
Demon Hunter: - Light - Inflicts a large amount of Light damage on one enemy.
Retribution: - Turn Renewal- Allows Gemini to attack twice in the next 3 turns.
Breaker: - Status Ailment – Inflicts Enervation status on all enemies for one turn.
Permission Denied: - Status Ailment – Inflicts Silence and Exhaustion status on one enemy for 3 turns. (Status cannot be removed)
Permission Granted: - Status Ailment – Inflicts Rage and Confusion status on one enemy for 3 turns. (Status cannot be removed)
Fire in the Hole: - Fire – Inflicts a large amount of Fire damage on all enemies.


Sword Dance: - Slash – Inflicts a large amount of Slash damage on all targets
Luminous: - Dark – Decreases all enemy health by 50% if they are not either weak or neutral against Darkness.
Endless Night: - Dark - Inflicts a large amount of Dark damage on one enemy and silence status if target doesn’t die.
Royal Decree: - Status Ailment – Knocks down all enemies for one turn.
Pin: - Status Ailment - Inflicts Dizziness on one enemy for one turn.
Execute: - Strike – 100% chance of instant death from Strike damage if the enemy is inflicted with a status ailment.
Golden Trap: - Pierce – Inflicts a small amount of damage on up to 4 enemies but marks them such that the next attack would deal true damage.
Molten Obsidian: - Dark - Inflicts a massive amount of Dark damage on one target.

W E A P O N:
Wooden sword

P E R S O N A L I T Y:
◊ Straight forward and confident.
◊ Might be slightly impulsive at times.
He puts on a poker face when he’s on duty and only relaxes when told he’s allowed to. He doesn’t believe in physical weakness, only the lack of mental will. There’s to people who dislike sports. He’s not a very good person to consult with during working hours. Besides the fact that he’s the Detention Hall supervisor, he stares at you enough to make you conscious of your every misdeed. (“He knoooows!!” no he doesn’t… pff.)

Off working hours he’s considerably less strict with anyone including himself. That’s when his mask of professionalism drops and he’s allowed to be himself again, making insensible jokes and pulling harmless pranks. He’d land himself in detention if that was even possible. This might seem two faced, but to him it’s just the importance of knowing what behavior to put on which occasion. If you can’t imagine him smiling during work, you’ll have no trouble catching him smiling off duty.

S T R E N G T H S:
◊ That poker face… wouldn’t budge even if you tickled him
◊ Efficient with getting to places. Motorcycle > car plz
◊ Separating work from free time
◊ Very good at cooking since he was young... even though he doesn't do it often now

W E A K N E S S E S:
◊ Can’t sing for his life
◊ Won’t rely on others
◊ He's way too laid back/relaxed about things many people would consider important. (e.g. relative in hospital, exams...)

H I S T O R Y:
He was a teacher at a neighbouring high school before coming to work for Higashimori High School. He had always excelled at sports, especially with kendo and track. Unsurprisingly, it made him quite popular with his female co-workers. He even dated a few of them even though none of them worked out. There wasn’t much for him to miss when he transferred, except maybe his students, but that has always been the case when they graduate anyway.

He lived alone in Kirimori. A standard sized apartment, his bike… never anything more than necessary. His only relatives in the area were his uncle and his baby cousin (age 6). One day as he walked his cousin from school- since naturally a 6 year old can’t bike with him- the kid dropped her soccer ball which rolled onto the streets (yes the cliché way). She had probably known better than to chase, but did so anyway out of reflex. Guilford wasn’t quick enough to stop her as he was distracted by something at the time. A car swerved with a loud screech, followed by the deafening sound of collision. It had crashed with a parked truck while the girl remained unharmed. Guilford shouted for her cousin to get on the sidewalk and wait for him there. He dragged the driver out of the car and called for an ambulance at once, but by the time they reached the hospital the driver was already beyond saving.

The accident happened just 3 days before he was supposed to start work. Due to his inability to concentrate, he was allowed a 2 week holiday to get over the shock. His uncle didn’t blame him for the near-accident, but he blamed himself endlessly. He decided he would relieve himself of the duty to look after her until he could trust himself again. Finally it was a few days before work. Well things happened… he was back to say, 70% his former self. Well enough to teach, he hoped.

T R I V I A:
◊ His motorcycle: [link]
◊ He moved into the teacher dorms.
◊ He’s usually in his office or walking around outside the school building during breaks
◊ Has a knack for electronics and a thing for reading user manuals…
◊ Oh did I mention… the driver in his history is Sylvan.

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