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October 12, 2013
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LF: Isamu Takahashi by Lijon LF: Isamu Takahashi by Lijon
For :iconlex-ferenda: I've had this app for a while now... just uploading since I finished writing for it as well :icontearplz: -//RUNS BACK TO STUDYING :iconpandarunplz:
Just as well that the group would be officially open when my busy period is over! MUST--- RP--- AND ART--- AND STUFF--- EVERYTHING HARRY POTTER AH-//SLAPPED

N a m e :

Isamu Takahashi

A g e :


H o u s e :


B i r t h d a y :

14th March

H e i g h t / W e i g h t :

168cm / 56kg

W a n d I n g r e d i e n t s :

Cherry wood with dragon heartstring, 11 1/2 inches, Solid

P e t I n f o r m a t i o n :

Name: Neviah

Species: Leucistic snake (exact species unknown)

Personality: Shy and curious. Perfering to be close to Isamu most of the time, she would typically shy away away from strangers or larger animals (especially birds) unless he actively encourages her to interact with them. At times when she is left alone in whatever confines, she would explore her environment while keeping out of sight. Isamu feeds her enough that she wouldn't need to hunt for her own prey. Though occasionally, he would still find her stalking smaller animals. Isamu has never seen her attack those animals so he just considers it all curious snake behavior.

S p e l l L i s t :

(Definitions from HP wiki!)
Bluebell Flames
The flames produced are described as being bright blue, waterproof, and radiating heat only to objects held directly above it. The fire can also be touched, penetrated and held without it burning the holder, though it is known to burn materials such as clothing and plants. As such, it may be safely carried in small objects, e.g. a jar, without the object being damaged. These unique flames can also be directed to a desired location by its caster, and return to its original position.

Temporarily stuns an opponent, rendering them inert for a few precious seconds.

Silences the victim, preventing any form of vocalization.

Causes the target's wand to fly from their hand. With sufficient power behind it, a Disarming Charm may throw a victim back forcefully.

Creates fiery marks in the wake of a wand - can be used to leave markings or writing on objects or in the air.

Creates a shield from the caster's wand which deflects jinxes, hexes, and curses. The strength of this spell is directly connected to the skill and talent of the wizard, and stronger versions can protect against very advanced curses - or even reflect failed jinxes back against the attacker.

Impedes the progress of a target in a variety of ways - depending on the skill of the caster, it may range from tripping and harassing to binding, knocking back, and even paralyzing the victim.

E x t r a c u r r i c u l a r / E l e c t i v e C l a s s e s :

♦Care of Magical Creatures
♦Study of Ancient Runes
♦Magical Theory

P e r s o n a l i t y :

♦ Quiet, subtle and devious: With a generally quiet personality, he prefers to be left alone most of the time and when someone bothers him, he would expect it to be important. He doesn't voice his opinions on issues that're not directly related to him. That is not to say that he doesn't have them, just that he would much rather keep it all to himself and avoid whatever trouble that being loud-mouthed would bring. When he really feels the need to put out his opinion, it is put in a subtle manner that more often only presents a neutral observation. He would also never openly take sides, regardless of which side he thinks is right. He might take an inactive role in playing along, but be supporting the other side in the shadows. And if it ever came a time to show conviction, he might just smirk and tell you that the fight isn't his then turn the conversation elsewhere.

♦ Elusive:Whenever commitment is involved, he can only be described as elusive. It is almost impossible to tell if he's committed to something, whether it be beliefs, principles, people or goals. He believes that people are often self-conflicting and he is no exception. What does he believe in this moment? He'd laugh at you and tell you that he's decided right from the beginning. "Can't you see it?" ...Maybe it's just that his actions make it very hard to tell.

♦ Hard-working: He is determined to excel at every aspect in life. Though of course that is impossible, it has never stopped him from trying yet. At times this might make him too focused on proving himself where, weeks later, he would realize how foolish it all had been. He had nothing to prove to anyone except himself. It doesn't seem that he ever learns from these lessons though. He falls into the trap too often and becomes competitive with things that wouldn't concern him very much otherwise. Somewhere along the way, it might just become apparent that he couldn't resist a challenge.

♦ Strict, Perfectionist: (Only in terms of capabilities) He aims for all his endeavors to be successful through the most efficient methods. It's alright for him when he's been forcing himself to achieve high standards with everything almost all his life, but when he finds himself working with a less capable partner, his patience runs out very quickly. "How do you not manage to do something so simple?!" At this point he would still try to keep calm and be patient, but you'd literally be able to feel more of his irritation seeping through with every passing moment. He is merciless enough to push his partner to follow along with his pace until it becomes suffocating and would probably continue to do so if he finds him/her capable enough. Then when the vibes of his irritation disappear, it would only mean one of two things: the project is finished or he has decided he/she is beyond help and can sit this out while he finishes on his own. (Or maybe his partner died lmfao )

♦ Biased: Occasionally there would be this one person, one thing or one event that is capable of escaping all his ill tempers because he just makes the exception to look past all its flaws. There is no indication whatsoever of why and when he would do this. Sadly enough it might really be just by whim. (His pet snake is one of such exceptions)

H i s t o r y :

Isamu's parents met when they worked on a collaborative operation as Japanese wizarding government officials affiliated to the Department of International Magical Cooperation of the British Wizarding Government. Not only did they both share a cultural fascination of Britain, they also discovered that their qualifications and area of specialization made them the best team for such diplomatic field work. Soon they were travelling frequently between the two countries for diplomatic visits or negotiations. By the time Isamu was born, they had established residences in both Britain and Japan.

As if reflecting their family's social position as a intermediary between the two countries, they owned warded estates in both countries. Both were old-style traditional Japanese estates with British-influenced interior design, though the one in Britain was much smaller than the one in Japan. Their estate in Japan had gardens complete with aesthetically arranged trees, a miniture-waterfall that flowed into a pond for the koi fish, elegant garden bridges and open pavilions. Inside, one would find tasteful fusion-themed decorations with both Japanese (e.g. kotatsu) and British (e.g. grandfather clock) appliances. This was the household that Isamu grew up in. Aside from his basic lessons, his parents would also tell him about their business trips and tidbits about magical laws as if he would be capable of understanding at such a young age and without extensive education on magical knowledge. They also made him learn English and read all sorts of basic English literature. Little did he know that this was all planned for him to be exposed to these things at an early age. His parents, needless to say, were ambitious. They worked together endlessly to strengthen relations between the two governments, hoping that their roles would become irreplaceable someday and rise to higher rankings when their higher-ups retired. Of course, they also wished for Isamu to follow in their footsteps. Since they would've more or less paved the way for him when he graduated and gained working experience, they placed high expectations on the boy. How about the head of a department someday? Isamu was quite ignorant of what that implied when his parents playfully suggested it on multiple occasions. He happily agreed to that goal everytime, simply satisfied at being able to please his parents.

The part of Japan that he lived in was highly conservative. Isamu's parents had picked it simply because many wizarding families were gathered there and Muggles were scarce. Isamu had little trouble mingling with the neighborhood kids, but there were times when their cultural values conflicted and his British influences became jarring against their traditional concepts. The first time he invited them to his house, they had let slipped careless remarks, blatantly claiming the superiority of their cultural aesthetics and wondering why the inside of his house could be so ugly. He sulked for days after the incident and only cheered up when his parents agreed to let him visit their place in Britain. One day, perhaps slightly carried away, he sneaked out to wander around the muggle streets of London, still in his yukata, wondering if he would fit in better in Britain afterall. The answer was obviously no. People stared at him left and right. Despite them all being kind and asking if he got lost or needed help, he got scared and ran. Ironic to say that he really ended up lost when he finally slowed down, only to be found hours later by furious parents and earning a lecture full of crying and yelling from his mother.

A few years later, after many childish arguments with his friends, unsuccessful efforts from his parents to mediate and rising discontent amongst their neighborhood community, they came to a drastic decision: to let Isamu transfer to Britain for some time. This was both their idea of punishment as well as an opportunity for him to mature through experience. Aside from their alternating visits, he was left with a guardian. He was 8 years old at the time, transferring to a British school and struggling in the new environment. But perhaps a surprise to them both (or maybe to some degree they expected this), Isamu adapted much better in Britain. When it was finally time for him to attend wizarding school, his parents took him back to Japan for his basic supplies, where the wand of cherry wood and dragon-heartstring chose him. His parents were over-joyed, thinking that Isamu would finally decide he liked Japan better. There was a brighter future here for him with a place of high honour in Mahoutokoro afterall. But Isamu was reluctant to do so. As much as he wanted to please his parents and realize their ambitions, he disliked the conservatism, more so when he might be experiencing the same thing in his "privileged" position in school. In the end, he decided to stay in Britain for Hogwarts.

Trusting that he would excel no matter which school he went to, his parents accepted his decision. After which he went through quite a bit of trouble during first year to find the right group of people to make friends with. Especially when he was sorted into Slytherin where they had some on-going rivalry with House Gryffindor he'd rather not get involved in. Throughout the first four years of his school life, he had excellent grades for all his subjects though he honestly didn't like all of them. He found courses such as Herbology and Astronomy extremely boring, while others such as History of Magic and Transfiguration could hold his attention for hours on end. During those 4 years, most of his time was spent concentrating on his studies with friends that had the same idea of doing so. They would hang out occasionally in Hogsmeade, but even then their conversational topics wouldn't stray far from academia. His interest in relationships was completely non-existant even though there had been many chances. At times girls would almost swear that he was hitting on them. He would simply brush it off with a smirk, "Hah? Maybe I did. Maybe I didn't." Maybe someone would finally change his mind during his 5th year? Maybe not. Library-chan is all he'll ever need in his life.

L i k e s / D i s l i k e s :

+ Neviah, his pet snake
+ His studies
+ Being surrounded by capable, competent people
+ Sitting on balconies or next to windows
+ Maintaining good relations
+ Cheerful and optimistic people

- Getting involved with arguments
- Other people's pet mice getting near his pet snake
- Brutes
- Anything with lower intelligence than it should have (by his own standards)

O t h e r I n f o r m a t i o n :

- Supports the Japanese Quidditch team, Toyohashi Tengu
- Neviah was gifted to him by his parents after he had been sorted into House Slytherin with the thought that Isamu had always liked the Legend of the White Serpent.
- His family uses a delivery pigeon for their letters/ parcels (must have been made lighter with magic). The pigeon likes to bully Neviah for whatever animal reason it has to do so.
- His parents are both from old wizarding families and have a house-elf maintaining their estates (transferred to them from his father's side).
- Determined as he is, Quidditch is something that he would forever find himself hopeless in participating.
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